KinetIT is a company of excellence! We’re a team of passionate, experienced, critical thinking and creative people, highly qualified and motivated to create value and continuous improvement in the processes of our clients and business partners.

At KinetIT, we believe that people are truly the most important asset of an organization and that's why we have a collaborative management model where everyone's contribution are important and critical to our development and global growth. We make a difference for the quality and excellence of our resources in everything we do.

We work in the Information Technology sector and we provide Consulting, Outsourcing, Development and Project Management services. We are specialists in delivering technological and innovative solutions based on technologies such as OutSystems, Microsoft SharePoint, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and software development (.NET, JAVA).


Trust is the basis of any kind of relationship. At KinetIT, we always strive to achieve strong and durable relationships based on transparency, honesty and closeness. We interact in a differentiated way with our teams and with our clients and business partners, building a solid and trusting relationship.


Quality is associated with excellence, and as an organization of excellence that we are, quality is part of our day-to-day life, not only in the relationships we establish, but also in the solutions and services we offer and implement. Without quality we would not be able to add value, and without adding value, we would have no reason to exist.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and creativity are part of our DNA and we always strive to offer different and innovative approaches with creative and technically advanced solutions based on future-oriented technologies.

At KinetIT we have the mission to keep our focus on people, valuing and motivating them continuously, building a cohesive and passionate team, experienced and highly qualified people with critical and creative thinking.

Through of trust, proximity and quality relationships, they can add value to our customers and business partners, delivering technologically advanced solutions based on future-oriented technologies.

What we Do

We specialize in delivering technological and functional solutions to create an added value to your business, meeting highest expectations and customer satisfaction, providing technology based on OutSystems, SharePoint and GIS solutions.

  • ▪ Business and tecnological consulting
  • ▪ Study and design solutions
  • ▪ Differentiated relationship with customers and business partners
Outsourcing & Nearshoring
  • ▪ Customized solutions for each organization
  • ▪ Experts of excellence in IT
  • ▪ Projects
  • ▪ Development and application maintenance
  • ▪ Project management

Our Experience

At KinetIT, we have multidisciplinary team-workers who offer a range of skills and know-how with many years of expertise in several business areas:

Banking and Insurance
Software Houses
Health Care
Public Administration
Industry and Services
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Join us, we want YOU!

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If you work in IT and are specialized in any of the areas detailed above, we can boost your career to a higher level of success, with your satisfaction and our Customer needs as our top priority.

If you are taking your first steps into the IT industry, we are keen to have you working with us on a project that fits your future and your current skillset.